Thursday, March 19, 2009


But a few days ago, here sitting among the chatter and revel, I wrote my prayer to the Lord, asking him to give me burdens belonging to others, the punishment I don’t deserve yet are necessary, the pains of future troubles so that I may truly shrink into oblivion and allow the Great Spirit to take my place. I did not expect to know this passion immediately and on so vast a scale, but I am honored that he sustains my faith while enduring so much. Lord, you know the limits of my strength and courage. You know how far, how hard you can bend my will, to the breaking point, without needing to test me. But you answered my prayer, you will force me to face challenges that I cannot win alone. I will seek you in the wind and rain, and even in the most violent of storms I will find you. Lost, shaking, disoriented, and at the point of losing everything, on the brink of giving in to my plight, I will look one last time upon the horizon and there you will be, beating away the thunder and lightning, coming to save your good and faithful servant, reaching down and offering your hand so that I may again find my feet and finish the race that I have prayed and pleaded to enter. You will carry me. One arm under mine and helping me to the finish, I will know your love, your compassion, and your pride. I will need you, and you will come. Together we will cross the last gate, the final threshold, and you will be glorified.

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  1. MB - Lots of meaning and expectations in your words. Continue to look and listen for the Spirit to provide. Please read John 15:1-11 and pay attention to verse 2 in the context of your disorientation. Something is happening...